Rockspace Login Page Not Working? How to Fix It?

Rockspace Login

I am not able to access the Rockspace login page via re.rockspace.local. It is really frustrating. I have tried a number of fixes to get the issue fixed but re.rockspace.local not working issue continues to appear.
These queries seem similar to yours, aren’t they? If yes, then we just want to say – need not to worry! You are on the right post! Yes, absolutely! Over here, we will provide you a few tips that will surely help you get Rockspace login success using the web address. Read on!

Solved: Rockspace login page Not Working

Follow the Correct Rockspace Login Steps

You may get issues while accessing the login page of your Rockspace device using the web address if you haven’t followed or applied the steps correctly. So, to deal with the issue, you must follow the login steps correctly.
Don’t have the correct Rockspace login steps? Don’t worry! We have got you covered! We will provide you the exact steps following which the login process using the web address will be a walk in the park for you. Continue reading!

  • Put your Rockspace WiFi extender on power. Ensure to plug the device into a working power socket.
  • Wait for the LED on the Rockspace extender to become stable blue. If you see no LED on the extender, it means you need to check the power supply. Chances are that the Rockspace device is not receiving a steady power due to which you are seeing no LED activity on it.
  • Thereafter, get an Ethernet cable. Use the cable for connecting your Rockspace WiFi extender and router.
  • Then, you have to pull up a web browser on a WiFi device like laptop, iPhone, iPad, PC, or tablet. Make sure that the device is accessing an active WiFi network.
  • Type re.rockspace.local in the address bar and press Enter key.
  • Now, you will be taken you to Rockspace login window.
  • Fill in the Rockspace extender’s (default) username and password into the given boxes and click on Log In.

And there you are! In this way, you can access the Rockspace login page using re.rockspace.local.


Refer to Rockspace WiFi extender manual to get the correct (default) username and password of your device. Note this down, if you have changed the login details of your Rockspace device at the time of its configuration, we suggest you use them instead of the default ones.

Still Rockspace login page Not Working?

Even after applying the correct steps to do Rockspace login, you haven’t got success? No worries! Some of the fixes listed below will surely help you get rid of re.rockspace.local not working issue. Keep reading!

The first fix

Is to ensure that your Rockspace WiFi extender and router (both) are properly connected. The Ethernet cable must be well working and connected to the correct ports of your devices.

Second fix

Is to have a nudge on the internet connection. Make sure you are getting an active WiFi range from its service provider. Bear in mind, poor WiFi speed is one of the major causes behind getting re.rockspace.local not working issue.

Third fix

Is to ensure that the web browser you are using is up-to-date. Additionally, make sure that you haven’t used the browser’s private window for Rockspace login process and the search bar for entering re.rockspace.local. If you get the same error, then double-check the web address and clear the browsing history. The reason is, typos in the web address and a web browser loaded with cache and browsing history is the biggest cause behind getting re.rockspace.local not working issue.

Fourth fix

Is to update the software of your WiFi device.

Fifth fix

Is to copy re.rockspace.local and pasted in the URL bar of the internet browser you are currently using.

Sixth fix

Is to reboot (restart) your Rockspace WiFi extender including router.

The seventh fix

Is to have access your home SSID using the correct password.

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