Planning to Remove a Bath for a Shower? Think Again

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Bathroom trends change often. However, not every trend is worth following. Perhaps, a few of them may even make your property hard to sell. Therefore, if you are planning to sell your property, it is worth knowing which trends to avoid and which to follow. For example, shower enclosures have been on trend for the past few years. Perhaps, we are witnessing a growing trend of installing walk-in showers in the master bathroom instead of bathtubs. It is a potentially attractive investment to make your bathroom look modern. However, what interior experts found after recent research may be surprising to some. 

Bathroom Trends That Could Decrease the Value of Home. 

While installing a walk-in shower is a growing trend, experts warned that it could potentially put off buyers in some way. Recent research conducted by flooring superstore based on various listings on right move UK and in collaboration with property experts revealed some interesting facts about recent trends. The purpose of the study was to find out what adds value to your home. Before we talk about what can help you make your property attractive to a buyer, we first discuss what decrease it. 

Having No Bathtub in Bathroom is a Potential Turn-off for Buyers

Wet rooms and walk-in showers have become increasingly popular in recent years. Homeowners are opting for shower only bathrooms and removing the baths completely. However, baths are not out of trend. Whether you have a wet room or not, buyers want to see a bath in the master bathroom. So, having no bathtub in the bathroom can be a potential turn-off for the most buyers. Even if they become ready to buy the property, the price may be reduced due to it. On the other hand, you may expect an increase in property value up by 2% if you have a bath installed in the master bathroom. 

What Makes Your Property More Valuable to Buyers?

There are many trends that can potentially add more value to your property. We have already discussed that a bathtub is among them. The new kitchen, cloakroom, vanity units, and underflooring heating will positively impact the properties in the UK. 

Experts suggest that having better looking bathroom is not the only factor that potential buyers look for when considering your property. Therefore, you must not follow the trend blindly. Where a new bathroom may add 10% value to your property, it is important to make it as much functional as possible. 

It was also revealed that removing a bathtub completely was not only due to price restraint but homeowners think an independent shower enclosure looks much better in the absence of the bath. However, there are many ways to make both your shower and a bathtub work together. They suggest a few ways to incorporate a bath and still make your bathroom look great with both shower and bathtub. 

Can You Have a Bath and a Shower at the Same Time?

There should not be a problem in having a shower and bathtub at the same time in the bathroom. 

  • The first solution that is especially suitable for the small bathrooms is the installation l shape bath. It is a type of shower bath that combines both shower and a bath in the same unit. So, you don’t have to spend a lot of money in installing a separate cubicle or wet room for your bathroom. You can make it more stylish by adding a shower screen at the end that will be used for shower purposes. 
  • The second solution will install a wet room along with a shaped bath. It is perfectly normal having a shower and a bath side by side. That will provide an open choice for the user whether they want to take a bath or shower as per their choice. You may also consider installing your wet room in another bathroom while keeping a bath in the main bathroom that will help it make your property attractive to the buyers.
  • The third option that is also prevalent in the standard size bathrooms is installing the I-shaped bath inside the wet room. For this purpose, you will need a bit bigger wet room or an enclosure. Perhaps, it makes your bathroom appear more elegant and classier compared to the wet room or enclosure. There are many other advantages of installing a shaped bath this way. That may include space-saving, stylish look, etc. 

Baths are great for relaxing and rejuvenating. Therefore, the demand for these is not going to decrease any time soon. Therefore, you should not plan to remove them from all bathrooms and replace them with an enclosure. You may consider installing the one along with a shower cubicle if you don’t have the one already in your bathroom. 

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