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The Indian School of Business (ISB) is a private business school in India with two outstanding campuses in Hyderabad and Mohali. ISB has put India on the global map of management education. The Business School looks at creating young leaders who possess an understanding of developing economics and a global perspective.

ISB YLP or The Young Leaders Programme is developed or eligible for those students who are in the final or the pre-final year of their undergraduate or postgraduate or joint degree programs. The goal is to help these candidates who show high potential and commitment to developing leadership skills like analytical thinking, public speaking, project management, and networking. The programme includes an exclusive structure of events via mentorship. In simple terms, it is to secure admission to high potential college students to India’s #1 MBA or Post Graduate Programme in Management at ISB.


The ISB admission process for applying to the YLP programme is divided into 3 steps.

Step 1. Application forms need to be submitted with the required fee and one essay.
Step 2. Two essay submissions will be required, along with one recommendation letter with GMAT/GRE scores.
Step 3. Face to face interview

The following details will be required for the ISB YLP admission process during Step 1.

  • Personal and contact information
  • Academics information
  • Awards and initiatives
  • Essay
  • Declaration
  • Application fee

ISB has emerged as one of the dream B-schools in India. Many MBA aspirants are looking forward to applying to ISB today. The institute has climbed international B-school rankings and has established itself firmly as the avant-garde of management education. To get into the ISB YLP programme you will have to showcase high potential during the ISB admission process. So here are 5 ways you can amaze the admission committee of ISB YLP.

  1. Analytical Ability
    Analytical ability will be measured or considered based on your academic performance and GMAT scores. So make sure to score a 700+ on the GMAT test and a high GPA on academics.
  2. Essays
    The content matters. Make sure to write compelling essays relevant to the topic at hand. It should explain the desire within you to pursue an MBA. The grammar, eloquence, and ability to convey the idea of the essay in 300 words should be top-notch. Hence getting you trained by the admissions experts at General Education will ensure you get a competitive edge.
  3. Awards & initiatives
    The awards and initiatives also come under leadership skills. It proves the candidate’s willingness to take initiative, get a clear vision, and go that extra mile to achieve their goals.
  4. Extracurricular activities (both state and nation level)
    When applying for the ISB admission extracurricular activities matter as they will help prove the candidate’s skills like communication, teamwork, problem-solving, organization, and time management.
  5. Letter of recommendation
    A well-crafted recommendation letter to apply to ISB will help the candidate achieve their goals.

The YLP is a unique MBA program available in India. So, attending the ISB YLP programme will help you gain a good perspective into management education before you can even begin the full-time MBA (PGP).

At General Education, we believe that only those who have successfully been a part of ISB can help you on your successful admit. That is why we have a panel of the most experienced ISB alumni members who have previously conducted interviews to help you prepare for the same. You can visit our website or write to us at

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