How Schools Are Preparing For The Future Of AI 

Future Of AI 

We live in a world where the internet plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. It has a vat uses in every sector including education. With the development of technology and society. The way of learning with the Future Of AI is changing. Every institute or school adapt their changes in education pattern. COVID 19 has shown a new way of learning in education. Technological advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI). And robotics are now innovating in all industries as well as education. For using the full potential of AI in education. It is important to explore the new generation of AI for utilizing technology in classroom learning. 

 Most schools and institutions in New Zealand. And other countries are now preparing to implement AI technology in classrooms. They use this technology in conducting a lecture. Aand providing assignments and homework. Many assignments help New Zealand services also provide their assistance to the students by using the AI system.   

How Artificial Intelligence is Used in Education World  

The covid-19 period has drastically changed the mode of learning. Lockdown shifted education and forced the teachers to teach remotely from their homes rather than to teach in front of students directly. AI has helped in the education sector to better the learning and teaching for both the students and teachers. 

There are various benefits of AI I education sectors as listed below: 

  • AI can analyze the student’s learning ability, identify their weakness, and provide the best courses to improve their learning. It can provide them with many opportunities for personalized learning and help them to get the desired goal of education.     
  • Learning resources with AI can easily access from anywhere and anytime. It allows students to continue their learning at their own place.  
  • With the AI tool, the teacher can track the student’s record and create multiple-choice tests for grading.  
  • AI tutors and chatbots can be available at any time to answer the questions. It helps students to improve their skills and work on their weaknesses outside the classroom.    
  • AI helps students to get satisfactory answers to their most frequently asked questions in a few seconds. It saves them lots of time that they can use in their learning.  

Real-Life Examples Of AI In Education  

AI has successfully applied in several instances in the educational field and improves the learning of students as well as the way of teaching. By using emotional recognition technology, virtual schools are similarly effective as the face-to-face learning schools’ environment. Therefore, students can get the emotional motivation to improve themselves and can focus and engage in their learning. They can learn the course for fun. AI can determine the gap in teachers and education material and make adjustments if required. 

Her, some AI applications are used in the educational sector for improving students’ learning.  

Thinkster Math 

Think ester Math is a learning program that can use in the classroom as an online tool. It combines the world-class curriculum with personalization from real, experienced teachers and Artificial intelligence.  Think ester Math applies AI to analyze knowledge in math. Students can solve problems in math and it tracks the progress of students and delivers a report of their performance. It allows students to use their skills in solving math problems. It also identifies the areas of skills where students are required to improvement     


Brainly is an online platform where teachers, parents, and students help others with homework questions. Students can ask questions, explore study patterns, and learn collaboratively. The platform applies an ML algorithm that can filter low-quality content and spam. Users can simply snap a photo of a question, AI’s optical character recognition (OCR) analyzes the image content to exact word and sentence and provide the result.  Thus brainy can improve the skills in learning of students in different subjects like Math, Science, English, etc.  

Content Technologies, Inc. (CTI) 

CTI is AI research and development company that progressively works on customized education content by using AI techniques.  
CTI’s Software can assess the course material, syllabus, textbooks, and other resources based on core concepts.  

Cram101 is an example of AI technology where the textbook can convert into a simple study guide and provide bit-size content that is easy to learn in less time.   


Today the students are comfortable learning with AI and ML technology. Schools and most Assignment writing service are now preparing students to work with AI technology in the future to enhance learning and teaching. Students can enjoy their learning with fun.  

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