How can I Setup my Linksys WiFi extender?

Linksys Extender Setup

In the modern age, people really need Linksys Wifi Extender Setup. To meet their everyday Internet needs, users now use specialised, high-frequency WiFi routers.

However, routers show little to no internet in various parts of the house or business. Dead spots or network zones are the names given to these particular locations. Instead of installing a new router, experts advise that you mount a Linksys Extender setup to resolve the problem.

Let’s use the Linksys Extender setup process to minimise dead zones. However, you may access WiFi signals using your computer, phone, and other networked devices.

Linksys Extender Setup by Manual Process

As the title suggests, setup requires user interaction. The procedures below should be followed to manually set up a Linksys WiFi Extender:

  • Connect the power supply switch to the Linksys WiFi Range Extender.
  • Use an Ethernet wire to connect your Linksys wifi range extender to your router or WiFi mode.
  • Open your browser, go to, or type in the IP address of the standard Linksys WiFi Extender.
  • You will be asked for your Linksys Extender login information when you go to
  • Press the “LogIn” button after providing the accurate information.
  • Observe the on-screen directions.
  • Once finished, click “Edit” to make the change.

Note:- If you need any help regarding Linksys WiFi Range Extender so contact our technician or visit the official website that is

WPS Setup for Linksys WiFi Extender

Additionally, you may use a Wireless Protected Setup, which makes it easier to connect your extender to your wifi network and allows you to connect other devices. Click the WiFi protected setup button on the Wireless setup page to begin.

  1. First, click the button and watch for the pop-up.
  2. On your Linksys router, you may either press and hold the Wi-Fi protected setup button.
  3. Once communication is established, your Linksys extender’s LED will turn solid.
  4. If your router is dual band, you must do WPS again to connect to both bands.

How Do I Configure My Linksys Range Extender Using A Web Browser?

Every Linksys router’s setup process is very simple. It requires no more work because it is so simple. All Linksys range extenders will be covered. Get a default login at to access the Linksys WiFi extender configuration page depending on the model number.

  • After connecting to the Linksys WiFi extender, you must use the default login information to access the setup page. The steps are as follows:
  • Your extender is connected to the power socket.
  • Use an Ethernet wire to link your extender to your computer.
  • In the address bar of your web browser, type All Linksys Wireless range extenders have this as their default address.
  • Now sign in to the Linksys Range extender setup page and enter the device’s name. Once you have finished adding the same SSID number from your router or access point, click the Save button.
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