Choice Home Warranty Review

Choice Home Warranty offers customers an easy experience, providing direct contact with dedicated service request representatives within four hours of submitting claims, and an intuitive online quote tool.

Their online quote tool collects basic information such as name, contact number and address before providing an estimate of costs immediately.


Before choosing a home warranty plan, be sure to compare costs and services carefully. Be aware of what each provider covers as well as their service call fees and financial security – they shouldn’t include hidden costs or contract exclusions that leave homeowners paying more than necessary for repairs and replacements.

Choice Home Warranty George Foreman offers an expansive array of coverage options at reasonable rates, while providing customers with one month free when making one annual payment for their policy. In addition, they provide discounts on add-on coverage options and run promotions from time to time.

Homeowners can get an online quote from Choice Home Warranty by entering basic information about their home and selecting plans they would like covered. Unfortunately, they won’t get an instant cost breakdown; to do this they must enter their contractor name who will perform repairs or install appliances as part of this plan.


If you wish to cancel your Choice Home Warranty within 30 days without incurring a cancellation fee or refund on a pro-rata basis. Please note, any claims filed in that period must have been closed prior to cancellation.

If your covered appliance or system breaks, contact CHW for service. They’ll send out a local contractor who will inspect the device and decide whether it can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

The Basic Plan from this home warranty company is relatively cost-effective and covers items like second refrigerators and standalone freezers; additional coverage can also be added on. Keep in mind, however, that service fees are non-refundable and vary by location; additionally they do not cover preexisting conditions caused by abuse, neglect or physical damage – something common among home warranty companies but may cause concern among some customers. Pricing starts at $560 with Total plans costing more.

Customer service

This company provides its customers with an easy experience for repairs and replacements without needing a home inspection, along with providing an affordable plan to cover multiple appliances and systems within their home.

Customer service representatives of this company are on-hand 24/7 to answer questions and advise homeowners on their options. In addition, customers can submit service requests online. A technician will then visit the home to inspect the appliance or system in question and determine whether repair or replacement options exist.

Choice Home Warranty falls short in several key areas, including pricing and workmanship guarantees, without showing any obvious flaws. A few aspects may make them less appealing to some homeowners such as their inability to adjust service fees; nevertheless, they still provide affordable plans with quality coverage for homeowners.


Choice Home Warranty follows a similar policy to most home warranty providers by listing several exclusions. Notable among them include not covering duct cleaning, septic tank pumps, air conditioning maintenance or water heaters older than seven years as well as sediment build-up in reservoir tanks – not to mention preexisting conditions!

However, the company offers a 24-hour call center to address customer issues. Their service representatives are even available on holidays to quickly answer customer queries without incurring additional charges for holiday assistance.

Overall, Choice Home Warranty is an excellent way for homeowners looking to protect their investments and add value to their homes. Its affordable monthly premium costs and extensive standard coverage make it suitable for new buyers as well as sellers alike. Although certain areas, like quick service request processes or longer workmanship guarantees may fall short of expectations, it could still make for an ideal fit with homeowners who do not require extensive add-on features.

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